We are always open for passionate educators who understand childhood is a serious and important part of human development. If you have the skills and a genuine interest for anthroposophy, please call us on (03)9699-1913, or email info@childrensgarden.net.au

- Consistent full-time team to support you with the following:

Organisation of documentation, KIM data entry, producing class lists, rosters, staff recruitment, children's enrolments, all dissemination of parent and festival correspondence, emergency drills, planning cycle, Assessment and Rating visits, parent education talks/workshop etc.

- Be part of an energetic, dynamic staff team full of enthusiasm and innovation, 2 breaks per day, resources are provided willingly to provide the ideal program you aim to create for the children, heavily discounted Weleda products, inclusive multi-cultural staff team, 10mins on tram to the city, 30-minute walk to the beach, childcare/kindergarten fees large discount for staff.

- Teacher Professional Development with Patries Orange and Dr. Lakshmi in house on a yearly basis.

- Other activities at the centre:

Steiner early childhood training onsite, anthroposophical nursing workshops/ individual treatments, creative discipline workshops, talks on nutrition, child development, sleep and lots more. We are a vibrant, thriving community looking forward to working with you to develop your emerging skills.

Wage: Above Children's Services Award (2010) depending on experience and training. Call to discuss.

Qualifications: Cert 3 or Diploma in Early Childhood Education; Steiner Education background essential.

Essential: Enthusiasm, warmth, openness and love for children together with an active commitment to one's own personal and professional development. Willingness and a genuine interest in studying Steiner education and anthroposophy.

Resumes: Please call our office on (03)9699-1913, or email info@childrensgarden.net.au with your CV and motivation letter.

Phone:   03 9699 1913    -    Email:   info@childrensgarden.net.au   -   Address:  45 Ferrars Place, Albert Park - Victoria
Our Kindergarten program is supported by the Victorian Government