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Opening Hours and Term Dates

2024 Dates:

From Tuesday 9th January - OPEN every Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 6pm


Friday 26th January - CLOSED (Public Holiday)

Monday 11th March - CLOSED (Public Holiday)

Friday 29th March - CLOSED (Public Holiday)

Monday 1st April - CLOSED (Public Holiday)

Thursday 25th April - CLOSED (Public Holiday)

Monday 10th June - CLOSED (Public Holiday)

Grand Final Public Holiday TBC - CLOSED (Public Holiday)

Monday 4th November & Tuesday 5th November - CLOSED (Public Holiday and Planning Day)

Thursday 19th December 2024 - Last day of the year

Wednesday 18th December 2024 to Monday 6th January 2025 - CLOSED (Holidays)
Tuesday, 7th January 2025 - Open

Opening Hours:

Childcare: Ring-o-Rosie and Spring Star Rooms, two rooms with 20 places each for under 3 year olds:    

Monday – Friday: 7.30am – 6.00pm

Kindergarten Program, two rooms with 20 places each for 3-6 year olds:

Monday to Friday: 8am – 5.30pm

Kindergarten children who arrive prior to 8am: Please enter through main building for breakfast in Spring Star. Go directly to your child's room after 8am.

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