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Hello All Early Childhood Services and Steiner Community,

Upon request I am sharing the Medical Screen Test questionnaire we have been using since 16th March: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1id6KCSv3lcA-EGb7ZwfN1SftFIxCh8pC/view?usp=sharing

We also implemented temperature testing of all staff and all children daily as part of our comprehensive Pandemic Management Plan. Since the 10th March, no parents or visitors have come into our rooms, just the children. It is now all just a part of the routine until this is over.

Our families have been extremely supportive and cooperative. We are very lucky.

We are practising strict social distancing and have suggested a home-work-home curfew for all staff to keep our families and children safe.

The staff have been calm, professional, reassuring and have maintained a haven of peace and security for the children to continue to play and learn.

I hope you are all well and healthy, wishing you all the best through this unprecedented time. Love to hear what other places are doing as well!




Australian Health Department COVID-19 Current Information

COVID-19 Infection Control Training (with certificate)

Additional Child Care Subsidy Information

Stories to tell children at home (and a story and poem for little children in this Covid 19 time)

Talking to children about COVID-19

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