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'Let us try, as best we can, to practice spirit-mindfulness in our lives, in body, soul and spirit. Not for us, but for the world' (Anthroposophy worldwide)

Dear Childrens Garden Community,

Our families have been extremely supportive and cooperative through all of 2020 and 2021. We are very lucky.

The staff have been calm, professional, reassuring and have maintained a haven of peace and security for the children to continue to play and learn.

We are continuing our hygiene practices while keeping the much needed warmth and love towards our children, staff and families. 


As with all other illnesses, if you and/or your child(ren) feel unwell, please contact us and do not attend care until you feel better to avoid transmission to other children and staff.


Most of all, we ask you to protect our shared space by keeping all your fears and worries outside the door, and come with confidence and tranquility - this is what your child needs most from you each day.

We hope you are all well and healthy, and wish you all the best through this time.

Childrens Garden Kindercare Management Team



Australian Health Department COVID-19 Current Information

COVID-19 Infection Control Training (with certificate)

Additional Child Care Subsidy Information

Stories to tell children at home (and a story and poem for little children in this Covid 19 time)

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